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              Returning Citizens

We exclusively serve people who have recently returned home from incarceration, the majority of whom are on probation or parole. Our comprehensive employment and training services help individuals connect to a job and career. Blount Beginnings exists to create greater opportunities for people who face multiple barriers to economic success.

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People struggling with homelessness and the issues that often contribute to homelessness may have a hard time finding steady employment even if they are determined to try. Blount Beginnings offers help for homeless people trying to get back into the workforce.


At-Risk Young Adults

Early work experiences are especially important for low-income youth and those at risk of dropping out of school, because these populations face an increased risk of poor life outcomes, such as extended unemployment, poverty, poor health, substance abuse, and incarceration.

Georgia Statistics


      4.2 Million

Out of the 10.62  Million people in Georgia almost half of our citizens have a criminal record


This represents the number of people currently in either Jail or Prison in the State of Georgia


According to most reports, Georgia is currently ranked 12th with both individuals and families experiencing homelessness on any given day

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