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How can I apply to enter this program?

We are partnered with the State of Georgia to provide reentry housing to individuals who are homeless after being released from a correctional facility. Contact your probation office or officer, provide proof that you do not have a stable living condition and inquire about the RPH or THOR program. The state of Georgia will select parties who are suitable for our program. If you, or someone you know who is being released or has already been released, please submit you information on our                               page

How long is the program?

Blount Beginnings RPH program is 6 Months.

Blount Beginnings THOR Program is 6-24Months.

BITSOT is a 3-6 Month Program which is based on the participant and their willingness to make things happen.

Do I have to live in Augusta, GA to participate? 

No, you do not have to live in Augusta, GA.. However, you will have to be a legal resident of Georgia in order to participate in this program. 

Can I be a participant in this program without being in the Georgia's RPH Program? 

Yes, we are a THOR approved facility and will allow anyone who meets our standards housing. There are associated fees while in the THOR program which allows you to retain all of what our program offers along with room and board, food, and clothing. 

What will my living environment look like? 

View pictures provided below. Location will not be disclosed unless approved for program. 

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