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Blount Beginnings Guiding Principles




Equity & Inclusion


Our Commitment is Ongoing and Evolving

Considering the social and racial justice issues that continue to permeate our country, Chrysalis’ leadership and Board have also re-committed to increasing our efforts to be anti-racist. Actions taken include holding space for staff and Board to have difficult conversations, being direct about the impact of systemic racism on our clients and community in our external communications, re-examining our organizational purchasing power to support local businesses owned and operated by people of color, creating space for staff affinity groups, and expanding Board diversity goals and educational efforts.

One thousand steps,
and years.
It cost $1000.00 to house an inmate per month, which is equivalent to 33 dollars a day.
Now is the time for Blount Beginnings to create a platform to reinstitute our brothers, fathers, sisters, and mothers back into a modern, fast-paced world. We will be there, working diligently to assure comfort, confidence, individuality, and success. Together we will rise up to change lives. Our mission is simple, there are no gray areas or fine print. Blount Beginnings will make a difference in this world and given the opportunity, we yearn to start with you.

Our Story

Devarion Blount worked in the Taskforce years ago and realized the deficit of assistance and livable homes for previously released citizens. He wanted to help anyone who may have been in need of a home, or financial assistance to restart their life. Too far often, there has been a lack of assistance for our returning citizens. Mr. Blount wants to help those in need that have been released from prison without a support system. Blount Beginnings is dedicated to enhancing lives and providing a lifestyle that will be the beginning of a nontraditional reintroduction into society. This is not magic! We understand this program is not for everyone. Hard work and dedication are vital for personal growth. We believe that creating an individualized case plan for each participant will allow aid in guiding each person to their personal goal. Life is hard enough! Blount Beginnings has dedicated 100% of our time to reduce the rate of recidivism and help anyone ready to begin their new future.

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