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Blount Beginnings is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing pathways to self-sufficiency for homeless individuals and those transitioning from incarceration. We are driven by a deep commitment to addressing the challenges faced by these vulnerable populations and strive to make a positive impact on their lives.

Our Vision & Values
Values state what is important to us, serve as our guiding principles, and form the foundation for our culture. They tell us who we are and who we aspire to be. At Blount Beginnings, these values help us identify the specific capabilities needed in our staff and volunteers and how we should serve our community.

The Focus of Our Efforts

  • Establishing Housing: Helping offenders locate housing, including affordable housing, halfway housing and temporary housing. The eventual goal is to obtain permanent housing opportunities.

  • GED Preparation Classes: A program that prepares offenders with the main goal being to complete or continue their education.

  • Career Readiness Certification: This course will help the individual prepare for the Career Readiness Certification (CRC), a certification that helps offenders obtain employment. We assist individuals with the process of achieving their certification.

  • Re-entry Services: A specialized set of services designed to help an offender reintegrate into society. You work with a team to develop an individual development plan with a focus on transitional assistance and employment counseling.

  • Community-Based Services: A select set of programs designed with the role of effectively reducing recidivism.

  • Jail-Based Programs: Programs that begin within the criminal justice system. These usually deal with inmates on lesser charges and on lower levels of incarceration. An example is the Man Up Program – which focuses on the offender facing up to their responsibilities.

  • Human Resource Development (HRD) Classes: Human Resource Development training, which deals with job interviewing techniques and computer skills needed for obtaining employment – this includes resume creation, computer lab work, and interview tips.

  • Department of Motor Vehicles License Assistance: This is both a safety course and a program that prepares individuals to obtain a driver’s license.

  • Success Stories & Testimonials: Interviews conducted with ex-offenders showcasing how successful these services are. These interviews highlight real life stories of former incarcerated individuals who have successfully transitioned back to society.


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